Sound Engineer

The German word Tonmeister perfectly describes the sound engineer’s true role: As the “sound master”, he makes his recordings on the basis of his sound and music decisions. Magnificent musicians and beautiful sounding recording rooms are the essential elements needed for premium quality recordings. The rest is taken care of by the sound engineer.

Using his well-trained ear, he selects the right microphones, positioning them with the utmost precision in order to achieve the best possible results. Always at the musicians’ service, he uses his expertise and empathy to motivate them to give their best. To do so, he not only requires profound technical knowledge, but also a thorough musical training and, no less important, sensitivity when interacting with the artists.



Having shown outstanding musical talent from an early age, Ole took up music studies at the renowned Musikhochschule Köln. Throughout that time, he never lost his love of audio recordings of exceptional artistic and technical quality. Convinced that outstanding musical performance has to be recorded in an equally outstanding manner, he acquired the essential skills of high quality sound recordings during his studies and brought them to perfection after his graduation. He has truly found his vocation in sound engineering. In every single one of his productions, Ole does not rest until he has found the perfect sound, the world-class recording – always at the service of music. Ole is a member of the German association for audio professionals, Verband Deutscher Tonmeister (VDT)”.