When emotional interpretations meet the sound engineer’s accuracy, they result in recordings that music lovers call „audiophile“.

Such audiophile recordings go far beyond the mere recording of sounds. Having captured every detail of the musician’s performance, they carry emotions and let us experience the musical content, inspiring artist and listener alike.

Accelerando is strongly committed to audiophile music production. We always select the rooms for our recordings very carefully, trying to achieve optimal acoustics. Only in such an environment can the artist render his best performance. Add to this our first-class recording equipment and our sound engineers’ expertise and you will obtain excellent results.


Accelerando’s sound engineers are experts in high-quality mobile recordings. Based in Winningen (nearby Koblenz) and Cologne, we are very flexible as regards the location of the recordings. We will help you find the perfect room for your recording. Of course, you can also choose yourself the right venue for your recordings, as long as it has basic acoustic qualities. We will be happy to visit you for an initial assessment of your room, including soundcheck.


As the saying goes, talking about music is like dancing about architecture. Listen to our audio samples to gain a first impression of the sound of Accelerando’s top-quality recordings.

  1. Georg Schmitz - Wie die Nacht uebers Land kommt Aniello Desiderio 0:45
  2. Britten - Nocturnal Aniello Desiderio 0:38
  3. Angelo Gilardino - Studio N. 19 Aniello Desiderio 0:32
  4. Vasyl Barvinsky - Song E minor Violina Petrychenko 0:57
  5. Vasyl Barvinsky - “Loneliness. Sorrow of Love” F♯ minor Violina Petrychenko 0:27
  6. Schumann-Liszt Widmung Kanade Joho 0:40
  7. Brahms Romanze F-Dur Op. 118 Nr. 5 Kanade Joho 0:47


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Audio samples for „Studio Magazin“ readers


Always striving to meet the high expectations placed on audiophile recordings, Accelerando only has recording equipment of the finest quality.

We only use the best microphones by Microtech Gefell, DPA, Schoeps and Royer.

The DirectOut Andiamo MC is a neutral sounding, 32-channel microphone preamplifier that offers the best conditions for elaborate miking techniques for large ensembles.

For all recordings, we use a redundant system consisting of two computers – professional Digital Audio Workstations (DAW) – each equipped with RME MADIface sound cards and a Quantec room simulator. For sound editing, mixing and mastering we use the Magix Sequoia recording and editing software, which is widely used for professional classical music productions in Germany.